Westland District, New Zealand


Westland District, New Zealand

how about you just follow me on my PERSONAL BLOG 

that would be great

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i’m much more active on there than i will be on here

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i don’t even update this blog anymore why are you following me

go follow me somewhere else

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hello there followers! i’m still taking a break from this blog (though i’m not taking a break from this website) i’m about to post some updates from my life in a read more. yes i am still on my personal blog which i think i will still spend most of my time on

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sorry for the recent inactivity

if you want to see what i’ve been doing im on my personal blog much more often 

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alright if anyones been wondering where ive been, im on my personal blogi wanted to keep this to close friends but im proud of it and i want to share. 
ps. there are lots of text posts that i make and also rants that arent under read mores most of the time so if youre not down with that i suggest you don’t follow. 

i still post snk and free! and very occasionally homestuck. i also post hipster crap and nature posts so its like everything i want on one blog. <3

Anonymous asked: What ever happened to the gorillaz



We are dead, but we live on in what came After Us.

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my sarcastic inner monologue is about the best thing I have going for me


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